Our practice offers physician, nursing and therapeutic care, including family practice, neurology, osteopathic treatments, anthroposophic nursing treatments, end of life care, care for chronic disease including cancer, and school medicine, and a variety of anthroposophic therapies.

Anthroposophical Therapies

Anthroposophic Nursing practices are based on the foundation of Rudolf Steiner’s view of the human being.  Through our training we learn to give care with the awareness of the body, soul and spirit; and the care we give is informed by a working knowledge of the external treatments and the substances we use.  Medicinal / herbal compresses, wraps, poultices, inhalations and embrocations can be used both in the treatment of acute and chronic conditions.

Oil Dispersion Hydrotherapy was developed by Werner Junge in the l930’s in response to the need of a woman who suffered from a systemic fungal infection. That condition, in those times, was fatal as there were as yet no anti-fungal medications. The victim would die of suffocation when the infection destroyed the lungs. The woman was in severe pain and had given up on the treatments recommended by her doctors which had only worsened her condition. Junge found an indication by Rudolf Steiner where he recommended the use of finely dispersed Rosemary oil in a bath as a way to support the ego organization. Junge wished to avoid the use of an emulsifier which would break down and thereby weaken the oil, so he invented an apparatus that dispersed essential oil (mixed in a carrier oil) mechanically. He treated the woman with dispersed Rosemary oil. After the first bath she felt significant improvement and after three baths per week for five weeks she was healed. Junge later went on to develop this as a therapy. Read more

Rhythmical Massage addresses each individual in relation to the interplay of the glandular, digestive, nervous, circulatory and structural systems. As needed, the practitioner uses fluid, dynamic, warming, rhythmic movements as an invitation to self healing. Rhythmic Massage was developed by Dr. Ita Wegman and Dr. Margarethe Hauschka based on the research of Dr. Rudolf Steiner. Read more

Therapeutic Eurythmy was developed by Rudolf Steiner in the early years of the twentieth century. A specialized form of the ‘Art of Eurythmy’,  a performing art in which the dynamic forces of speech and song become visible through choreography movement and gesture, Therapeutic Eurythmy is a specialized way for patients to participate in their own healing. In 1921, Rudolf Steiner, together with doctors and eurythmists,  developed exercises for children and adults. They act in the stimulation of healthy human development  and,  in particular cases, compliment the medical treatment of disease. Therapeutic Eurythmy exercises are enjoyable to learn and practice. Children especially enjoy the challenges and the   experience of accomplishment which they provide. The exercises are fun to do. Adults find this work to be strengthening and supportive. Therapeutic Eurythmy is taught on a one to one basis. Working together with doctors and other health professionals, exercises are chosen according to the needs of the individual participant. Read More

Please check back soon for information about other available anthroposophic therapies at Collaborative Medical Arts.