Osteopathic Medicine

A Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine  or D.O., is a fully licensed physician who practices in all areas of medicine.  A D.O. receives the same vigorous conventional medical training as a MD as well as extensive training in the musculoskeletal system and hands on treatment of many illnesses.

Osteopathy was discovered and developed by Andrew Taylor Still, MD in the late 1890’s.  He was a devout  physician who recognized through his medical experience a need to bring a new perspective to medical diagnosis and treatment.    He undertook intensive study of anatomy and physiology leading to the development of osteopathic medicine and  eventually opened the first  osteopathic medical school.

At the foundation of osteopathic medicine is  the understanding of the body as a unity (body, soul, spirit ) in which structure and function are interrelated  and inherently carries the capacity to self regulate, heal and maintain health.

William Garner Sutherland, D.O.  (1873 – 1954)  a student of Dr. Still’s,  furthered osteopathy with the discovery and developement of cranial osteopathy.  He applied the osteopathic concepts to the anatomy of the skull and central nervous system and found new levels of interrelationship in the body.  He saw his work as as an continuation of Dr. Still’s work.

Here at Collaborative Medical Arts,  gentle osteopathic treatments are implemented for many health concerns. These include but are not limited to : asthma, anxiety, fatigue, depression, muscle/joint pain, reflux, irritable bowel syndrome and sleep disturbance.     Generally a treatment lasts thirty minutes with a rest period following.