Anthroposophic Medicine

Anthroposophic medicine was developed by Dr. Ita Wegman and Rudolf Steiner in the 1920’s.  It is practiced by fully licensed physicians (D.O’s, M.D’s, N.D’s) throughout the world who have completed an anthroposophic post medical training.

Anthroposophic medicine recognizes the human being as more than a physical entity and therefore  we use an in depth approach in our practice  which includes exploring the emotional and creative life as well as the physical.   The physician and patient  work closely together to develop an individualized therapeutic plan which may include a combination of remedies, therapies, and life style or dietary changes.  Anthroposophic doctors  also prescribe conventional medications if the situation warrants it. 

Anthroposophic medications  are  created uniquely from  nature; they are designed to stimulate the patient’s self healing forces.  Choice of a remedy is not based purely on protocol but at looking at each patient as an individual.   These medications come in the form of oral pellets, liquid, injections, oils and creams, each stimulating healing from a different perspective.